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Finding The Perfect Home Improvement Contractor

A lot of planning and thinking goes into home improvement. It is the general and in-depth revamping of your house.

When the thought of home improvement comes to mind, the primary question that pops up is how do you go about finding the ONE perfect home improvement contractor. Once you find the one, everything else automatically falls into place.

A lot of planning and thinking goes into home improvement. It is the general and in-depth revamping of your house. From remodeling a kitchen, to renovating home offices, repairing broken floors, painting walls, installing CCTV cameras, etc. It is also important to note that home Improvement is not limited to remodeling but also includes reparation, upgrading, installation, construction, etc.;

Sure, everything exists on the internet today and you can google how to do most things by yourself. However, in cases of major home improvements such as these, it is highly recommended that a professional company like ours is hired to do the job. We offer the majority of these services, especially irrigation and sprinkler services and landscape and outdoor lighting.

To make life easier for our clients, as a company, we have prepared a few tips and steps for you when considering general home improvement:

Find your inspiration: We believe the first step in this process is the thought. Maybe you noticed one day that your kitchen looks a bit old school, or that you need an office in your house to make working from home feel more authentic, that is your inspiration. The unexplainable feeling to ‘mix it up’. Inspiration should be followed by expression. That is, putting those ideas out. We generally recommend creating a Pinterest board of ideas you have or you envision your new project to look like.

Lay a foundation: Once your idea has been visualized, it is time to lay the groundwork by calling experts (us) in. Proper consultation with experts gives you a clear view on where you stand and how feasible your ideas and inspirations are. We can offer proper guidance on what choices might not bode well for your home. We would also send an inspector to take a good look at your house and the space you want to remodel/ renovate. This is also super helpful because the inspectors can notice faulty roofing, damages or pipe leakages that need to be fixed before renovating.

Agree on a plan: Once you have met with the inspector they give you all the information needed and if your home is suitable for the changes, set up a final meeting with your contractors. At this meeting, a timeline of events as well as a budget and payment plan will be discussed and agreed upon. Once this is done, work can begin!

How to Find the Perfect Home Improvement Contractor

Conduct thorough searches on your contractor: Make sure you find as much information as possible about a company before hiring them. Remember, this company will have access to your home for a period of time. You want to make sure that the company you hire is well established and has guiding rules of operation. It is suggested that you accept recommendations from family and friends and to read online reviews before choosing a contractor. You should also make sure that the company has a physical office you can go to.

Company Behavior and Response: The initial response a contractor has towards you may make or break your decision to use them. Do they respond on time (24- 48 hours), are they polite or rude when attending to you? It is useful to take note of these things.

License and registration: It is also recommended that you ensure your company is registered and that the contractors they have working, (plumbers and carpenters) are registered. These are questions you should ask a representative. This is all so you do not end up paying money to a random person looking to make a quick buck.

Finance: Finally, we recommend that you get at least two quotes for the job from your contractor for proper comparison. Make sure the quotes come with references. Also, you should never trust a contractor that insists you pay all the money upfront. This is most likely a scam artist. Rather, you should agree on a part payment or payment when the job is done.

Once you follow all these steps, you are well on your way to finding the one to help you create your dream home.


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