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Why Irrigation is Kind of A Big Deal

When deciding the type of irrigation system needed, the following things are put into consideration: type of plants, source of water, and the budget of our client.

So you’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about irrigation and sprinkler systems, and you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. It’s just water being sprayed right? Well, we’re here to let you know why we think it’s so great and why you should too!

Irrigation is basically the process of artificially and automatically providing and applying water to plants in a controlled amount for growth and maintenance of landscape. What it does is, it provides the right amount of water for your beautiful landscape to thrive.

Although not too difficult to install, there are a lot of processes involved. From digging the trenches, to running pipes along them, to installing high pressure sprinklers, pumps and valves, to connecting them to a water source. It is therefore highly recommended that this installation process is left in the hands of highly trained professionals like ourselves here at Lamptey Holdings Company.

We offer surface irrigation services, micro irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. Surface irrigation is where the irrigation is fully supported by gravity with the help of a few man made adjustments. Basically, water moves across the surface to wet the soil. The water moves by following the slope of the land, and where the land permits, the water levels are controlled by dikes which are barriers used to regulate and hold water back. Micro irrigation on the hand is where the water is distributed through a piped network under low pressure. Some of the types of irrigation include localized irrigation, drip irrigation and low volume irrigation.

Our systems are specifically designed to irrigate landscapes based on the vast range of plants owned by our clients. The right type of irrigation is very important for the growth, perfect health and beauty of your landscape.

When deciding the type of irrigation system needed, the following things are put into consideration: type of plants, source of water, and the budget of our client. The frequency, time, amount and rate of irrigation is also dependent on the type of soil and the season (weather). For example, winter crops require much less water than summer crops. Or how biannual and perennial crops require different levels of water from trees and shrubs.

Now that you have all the lowdown of irrigation installation and management, here are a couple of benefits of installing the system in your home:

  • Increased productivity in spite of low rainfall.

  • Water Conservation: a good lawn sprinkler system will keep your plants well hydrated while making the most of every drop of water.

  • Irrigated crops yield higher productivity than un-irrigated land.

  • It is quite convenient, as opposed to having to water your plants manually.

What our process is like

We recommend having a meeting with a specialist from our company who will listen to your specific needs and wants and will therefore design an irrigation system based on that. This will also help us create a budget appropriate quote for you.

Once an agreement has been made and payment has been made, the irrigation system will be installed. Once installation is done, you will be properly taught how to control and manage the system on your own with the use of controllers and timers. You will also be taught how to adjust settings. Sensors will also be installed to increase performance.

Service and repair

We offer routine servicing of the irrigation system, especially at the beginning of spring and winter. Spring, to ensure your system is in top notch shape for the early spring growing, and winter because sprinkler systems are known to freeze during winter. You would need to make an appointment on time so that our specialists can have enough time to service your systems.

Say goodbye to forgotten lawn watering days and install a brand new irrigation setup/ sprinkler tailored directly to your needs. Our installations are very user friendly.

Remember, we’re always a phone call away!


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